ONTAP Cluster Administration

South Africa:
USD 1,516.00

Duration: 3 Days

Who should attend:

  • Systems administrator, cloud architect, operator, data protection specialist, enterprise architect, integration engineer

• ONTAP Cluster Fundamentals (web-based training [WBT])

• Introduction to Networking in Clustered Data ONTAP (WBT)

• ONTAP NAS Fundamentals (WBT)

• ONTAP SAN Fundamentals (WBT)

Course Content

In this course, you learn the basic administration tasks of a NetApp® ONTAP® 9.9 cluster. You use the clustershell and NetApp ONTAP System Manager to manage cluster storage and network resources. The course explains the configuration of basic data protection and data efficiency functions and common cluster maintenance tasks.




Module 1: Netapp ONTAP 9 clusters

• ONTAP deployment options

• ONTAP clusters

• Storage VMs

• Software-defined storage

Checking the Exercise Equipment

Module 2: Cluster setup

• Supported FAS and AFF configurations

• Setting up a cluster

• Administration interfaces

Exploring ONTAP Management UIs

Module 3: Cluster management

• Access control

• ONTAP licensing

• Policies and schedules

Managing ONTAP Clusters and Administrators

Module 4: Network management

• NetApp ONTAP network review

• Network ports

• Network traffic segregation

• LIFs

• Nondisruptive LIF configuration

• Routing management

• Managing Physical and Logical Network Resources


• Managing Virtual Network Resources

Module 5: Physical storage management

• Drives, RAID, and aggregates

• Advanced Disk Partitioning

• Flash Cache and Flash Pool features

• FabricPool aggregates

• Managing Physical Storage

• Exploring RAID-TEC and Creating a Flash Pool Aggregate

• Creating a FabricPool Aggregate

Module 6: Logical storage management

• Flexible volumes

• Moving storage resources

Managing Data Volumes

Module 7: Data access

• Using NAS protocols to access data

• Using SAN protocols to access data

• Using object protocols to access data

• Configuring the NFS Protocol in a Storage VM

• Configuring the SMB Protocol in a Storage VM

• Configuring iSCSI in a Storage VM

• Configuring the S3 Protocol in a Storage VM

• Managing NAS Storage VMs

Module 8: Data protection

• Manage Snapshot copies

• Restore data from a Snapshot copy

• Back up and replicate data

• Compliance

• Storage encryption

• Managing Snapshot Copies

• Encrypting a Volume

Module 9: Storage efficiency

• Thin provisioning

• Deduplication and compression

• Flash efficiency

• Logical space reporting

• Volume and file clones

• Managing Storage Efficiency

• Managing FlexClone Volumes

• Creating a FlexGroup Volume

Module 10: Cluster maintenance

• Data collection, monitoring, and automation tools

• Backing up and restoring your cluster configuration

• Recommended practices for performance

• Documentation

• Installing and Configuring Config Advisor

Course Objectives

This course focuses on enabling you to do the following:

  • Define NetApp ONTAP cluster components
  • Describe the role of a storage VM (storage virtual machine, also known as SVM) in the NetApp storage architecture
  • Configure an ONTAP cluster
  • Configure and manage storage resources
  • Configure and manage networking resources
  • Create and configure a storage VM
  • Create, manage, and protect NetApp FlexVol® volumes
  • Implement storage efficiency features
  • Manage ONTAP administrator access and user accounts
  • Maintain NetApp storage systems
Further information

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