Integrating Hybrid Clouds with Amazon Web Services

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Duration: 3 Days

Who Should Attend

Administrators, Operators, Architects, Implementation Engineers


For a successful learner experience, we recommend that you have knowledge of the following concepts before you attend
the course.

Cloud computing concepts:
        • Cloud characteristics, Service delivery methods, Cloud deployment models

Networking concepts and definitions:
        • Classless Inter-Domain Routing (CIDR)/Network address translation (NAT)

AWS concepts:
        • AWS VPC, subnets, Internet Gateway, NAT Gateway, route tables, security groups, Amazon EC2, and Amazon
Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)

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29-08-2022 - 31-08-2022 ZA Johannesburg English Register
01-11-2022 - 03-11-2022 ZA Johannesburg English Register
International dates
Middle East

Course Description

Learn to implement a hybrid cloud solution with Amazon Web Services using NetApp® Cloud Volumes ONTAP®. Connect an AWS Virtual Private Cloud and an on-premises data center to unify your infrastructure. Use NetApp Cloud Manager to move and manage storage in the hybrid cloud. Learn about NetApp cloud services integrated into Cloud Manager to provide persistent storage for Kubernetes containers and enhance data protection, security, and compliance. Learn to optimize capacity and performance of Cloud Volumes ONTAP.


Course Objectives

• Describe how NetApp technologies can be used to build your data fabric
• Configure an AWS VPC and connect it to an on-premises data center with VPN Internet Protocol security (IPsec)
• Describe Cloud Volumes ONTAP architecture
• Install Cloud Manager Connector and deploy Cloud Volumes ONTAP
• Explain basic system administration tasks with Cloud Manager
• Copy data between NetApp ONTAP system and NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS for disaster recovery
• Use data tiering to Amazon S3 for Cloud Volumes ONTAP
• Use Cloud Volumes ONTAP as persistent storage for Kubernetes containers
• Identify performance and sizing options for Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Course Content




Module 1:

Data Fabric Overview

Lesson 1: Data Fabric

Lesson 2: Solutions for the Hybrid Cloud

Lesson 3: NetApp Public Cloud


Lesson 4: Cloud Storage

Lesson 5: Cloud Services and Analytics

Lesson 6: Cloud Controls

Exercise 1: Controlling Cloud

Resources with CLI

Exercise 2: Controlling Cloud Resources

with PowerShell Toolkit

Exercise 3: Controlling NetApp ONTAP

(On-Premises) Resources with NetApp

PowerShell Toolkit

Module 2:

Public Cloud

Essential Concepts

Lesson 1: AWS Networking

and Other Concepts

Lesson 2: AWS CloudFormation

Exercise 1: Configuring Resources in

AWS with AWS CloudFormation

Exercise 2: Reviewing Resources in the

AWS Console

Exercise 3: Verifying Connectivity to the

EC2 Instances in Public and Private


Module 3:

Connectivity from the

Public Cloud

to Other Networks

Lesson 1: Amazon Web Services Virtual

Public Cloud Connectivity to an

On-Premises Network

Exercise 1: Connecting AWS VPC to Your

On-Premises Network

Exercise 2: Configuring Your On-Premises

DNS and Domain Controller for Your

Amazon EC2 Instances

Module 4: NetApp

Cloud Manager

Lesson 1: NetApp Cloud Manager


Exercise 1: Deploying a Connector

Module 5:

NetApp Cloud

Volumes ONTAP:



Lesson 1: Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Lesson 2: Cloud Volumes ONTAP Use


Lesson 3: Cloud Volumes ONTAP


Lesson 4: Deploying Cloud Volumes


Lesson 5: Cloud Volumes ONTAP

Supported Features

Exercise 1: Deploying a Single-Node

Cloud Volumes ONTAP Instance

Exercise 2: Accessing the SMB Share

from an SMB Client

Exercise 3: Creating an NFS Volume and

Accessing It from an NFS Client

Module 6:

NetApp Cloud

Volumes ONTAP:



Lesson 1: Highly Available Cloud

Volumes ONTAP in AWS

Exercise 1: Deploying a Cloud Volumes

ONTAP High-Availability Pair

Exercise 2: Connecting an SMB Client

from Within the Same VPC

Exercise 3: Performing Failover

and Failback of the High-Availability Pair

of Nodes

Exercise 4: (Optional) Connecting an SMB

Client from Outside the VPC Using a

Transit Gateway

Module 7:


of NetApp Cloud

Volumes ONTAP

and NetApp

Cloud Manager

Lesson 1: Administering Cloud

Volumes ONTAP

Lesson 2: Administering Cloud Manager

Exercise 1: Using Cloud Manager for

Basic Administration of Cloud Volumes


Exercise 2: Doing Basic Administration of

Cloud Manager

Module 8:


Disaster Recovery

with NetApp Cloud

Volumes ONTAP

Lesson 1: Disaster Recovery with

NetApp Cloud Volumes ONTAP


Exercise 1: Configuring and Managing

Disaster Recovery in the Data Fabric

Module 9:

Data Tiering

for NetApp Cloud

Volumes ONTAP

Lesson 1: Data Tiering for NetApp

Cloud Volumes ONTAP Overview

Exercise 1: Tiering Backup Data to

Amazon Simple Storage Service

Module 10:

Using NetApp Cloud

Manager to Provision

Persistent Storage for

Kubernetes Clusters

Lesson 1: Using NetApp Cloud Manager

to Provision Persistent Storage for

Kubernetes Clusters Overview

Demonstration videos provided

Module 11:

Using Integrated

Services from NetApp

Cloud Manager

Lesson 1: Using Cloud Backup Service

from Cloud Manager

Lesson 2: Using Cloud Sync

from Cloud Manager

Lesson 3: Using Cloud Compliance

from Cloud Manager

Lesson 4: Using Cloud Tiering Service

from Cloud Manager

Demonstration videos provided

Module 12:

Sizing NetApp Cloud

Volumes ONTAP

Lesson 1: An Introduction to Sizing

Lesson 2: Capacity Sizing

Lesson 3: Performance Sizing

Lesson 4: Single Node versus High


Lesson 5: Key Differences between

Cloud Volumes ONTAP and On-

Premises ONTAP Software

Lesson 6: Performance Tuning

Lesson 7: Frequently Seen Sizing


Exercise 1: Exploring the

TCO Calculator and Sizer Tools


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