Signaling Training


GPRS Protocols

Duration: 4 Days

Who should attend:

TLC companies technicians who work with GPRS mobile network planning or operation and maintenance.

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Fixed and mobile GSM and UMTS network signaling protocols basic skills.

Course Content

This course includes practice laboratory for mobile terminals (pen drive, smartphone, etc.) real-time connections to the GPRS packet data network. Moreover, different interface tracings will be analyzed.

Course Objectives

This course aims to provide trainees with a detailed knowledge on GPRS mobile access protocols. After a GPRS technology exhaustive overview, this training concerns with the issues relating to the routing and signaling protocols used in the packet data interfaces.

Course Outline

  • GPRS network architecture
  • GPRS radio interface
  • CCU functions
  • PCU functions
  • Abis MAC Layer
  • Abis RLC Layer
  • Gb interface PDU
  • BSSGP protocol
  • LLC frame structure
  • Service Access Point (SAP)
  • Gb over Frame Relay over ATM
  • Gb over IP
  • SNDCP Protocol
  • GTP signaling messages
  • GTP User Plane messages
  • PDP protocol
  • PDP Context
  • CAMEL Overview
  • Data roaming and GRX network
Further information

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