Core DDI


Core DDI Configuration & Administration Super Course

South Africa:
USD 4,500.00

Duration: 5 Days

Who should attend:

This is a comprehensive course for team members responsible for implementation, administration, operations, or maintenance of the Infoblox Core DDI product.


Attendees should have a working knowledge of DNS and DHCP or have completed the Core DDI Fundamentals e-learning course.

Course Description

Build an in-depth working knowledge of how to configure and administer Infoblox appliances and the Infoblox Grid. Learn how to manage the DNS and DHCP protocols, including: forward and reverse mapping DNS zones, DNS views; DHCP networks, custom options, ranges and fixed addresses; and visually manage the IP space using IPAM. Perform Grid management, including, system and protocol level monitoring, remote authentication, NIOS upgrades. Implement advanced NIOS features, including, Dynamic DNS with TSIG and GSS-TSIG, DNSSEC zone signing and validation, DNS Anycast, and DHCP failover.

Course Outline

Day 1
• The Infoblox Grid
• Setting Up the Grid
• Grid Manager
• Managing Grid Members
• High Availability

Day 2
• DHCP Service
• DHCP Networks
• DHCP Objects
• Extensible Attributes
• User Accounts
• Scheduled Tasks

Day 3
• DNS Service
• DNS Zones
• DNS Resource Records
• CSV Export and Import

Day 4
• Remote Authentication
• DNS Anycast
• NIOS Upgrades
• DNS and Network Views

Day 5
• Advanced DHCP Options
• DHCP Failover
• Dynamic DNS
• Reporting and Analytics

Further information

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