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Pump Up the Volume: Account and Relationship Management Sales Programme; Professional Relationship And Account Management

Duration: 5 Days

Who should attend:

  • Sales/Account Managers
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Course Content

Account and Relationship Management Sales Programme
Professional Relationship and Account Management
5 days of invigorating development

This programme is designed to help your sales teams ‘Pump up their sales Volumes’
supported by their Sales Managers in really achieving results which will make them

Course Objectives
  • Increases frequency , breadth and size of sales
  • Helps get your sales people into the sales conversation earlier
  • Lifts Volume and Profit
  • Enhance the Customer Experience
  • Lifts Customer and Staff Retention
  • Enhance mood and morale
  • Provides focused High Performing Sales People
  • Creates great customer and seller relationships
  • Enhances the Sales Manager and Seller relationship as the skills work there as well
Course Outline

Start with a simple beat

Day 1 

  • Welcome to Solution Selling’
  • Personal Awareness – an introduction to Advanced Communication Skills
  • Identifying a customer’s ‘Map of the World’ through Communication Filters and tailoring our message so we stand out from the crowd
  • The Sales Process – a ‘structure’ for consistent success 
  • Questioning to understand - critical questioning skills using the innovative tried &
    tested ‘4C’ approach

Day 2

  • Questioning to understand continued
  • Power summarising, identifying customer buying signals and presenting to our
    customer’s ‘map’. Tailoring our message and selling the ‘sizzle’!  
  • Closing the deal confidently and / or moving to the next stage.
  • ‘Gold Time’ Management – personal organisation and planning.
  • The Sales Challenge – Testing the skills
  • Its about the song, music and dance – make every beat count

Day 3

  • Focus on making prospecting calls.
  • Listen to Understand – ‘active listening’ & building Client profile in practice
  • Enhanced Personal Awareness through measuring ‘Emotional Intelligence’.
  • Handling customer questions and doubts
  • Full ‘4C’s approach practice with feedback 

Day 4

  • Key Account Planning introduced – your personal strategy.
  • Building Relationships - from order taker to partner, key account plans in action
  • Using motivational language and upselling techniques to leverage business
  • Full practice opportunity with feedback.  

Day 5

  • Plug in the Amp – Pump up the Volume
  • The ‘Final Sales Challenge’  Using the tools
  • Thinking Strategically – developing your ‘Personal’ and ‘Team Vision’
  • Knowing yourself and the impact you have on others. 
  • What holds you back, helping you raise your game
  • Building a ‘WOW’ Customer Experience – how do we develop a best in class
    service ethos.
  • Full ‘4C’s approach practice with feedback
  • ‘Take the Stand’ – summarise your personal commitments and learning from the whole programme
Further information

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